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Springtime Favorites

Our New Seasonal Spring Menu!

THYME FIRED ROASTED SHRIMP APPETIZER | Grilled shrimp topped with a savory herb relish, served with frisee, avocado & lemon vinaigrette salad over remoulade sauce

CEDAR WRAPPED SALMON | Salmon topped with lemon herb butter; served over arugula, roasted beets, pickled red onions and Mandarin oranges tossed in fig vinaigrette

HALIBUT with SORREL SAUCE |  Seared halibut served on celery root puree & sorrel sauce with an apple, fennel & radish salad mixed with apple vinaigrette

CUBAN SPICED SHRIMP & SCALLOPS | Seasoned shrimp and scallops sauteed, topped with sofrito relish and served with boniato mashed potatoes with orange mojo vinaigrette

*Pricing and menu items subject to location and availability.